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My Game Reviews:

Call of Duty: World At War (XBOX360) - I always thought that World War games were a waste of time and I shouldn't bother... Well after trying out Call of Duty 2, I was stuck on the Call of Duty Brand. And the same goes for COD W@W. If you've played COD4 online this one is near to the same as it. Though, instead of using modern day weapons and technoligies, you get air strikes, dog's (instead of helicopters) you get to ride in tanks and blast your opponents (and friends if you're not carefull). The Mission and Story part of the game rings you back to another World War II point of view. Great for Co-op play.. both online and off, though 2 per screen, and the screens kinda shrink so if you have a small television... yeah.. suck to be you. Overall, Don't Rent, Don't try the demo... just go buy it! :D
My Rating: 5 of 5

Crash: Mind Over Mutant (XBOX360) - I didn't play a Crash game in like a decade... and after this game I think I've been missing something. Crash: Mind Over Mutant is a good platformer, great for people of all ages. Also, you can play with a buddy at the same time and same screen. Though, the cons of playing with a buddy is that who ever is player 2 doesn't get any achievment points... come on! Other than that you're going around finding parts to fix a tivo... then try to stop Envo's new mind device from taking over the world. Bottom line... You can rent it or buy it... it's good times!
My Rating: 4 of 5

Top Spin 3 (XBOX360) - Ok... I played this title for a couple of days... made my own character... though it didn't look much like me *sad face* and the I did the tutourials to see what I needed to know. I ended up starting the career with 1-13... (1 win 13 loses) now i don't know if it's not a button masher or what.. I just remember that I've played top spin 1 for the XBOX I liked it. They must of changed something a lot in this one.. and I don't like it :( try the demo if you want to see how it is... other than that.. I say don't get it.
My Rating: 1 of 5

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